Sugar 0.4-3

A SVG renderer

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Taylor G.
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3 Sugar Screenshots:
Sugar - Example SchematicSugar - Example IconSugar - Example Map
The Sugar project is an advanced SVG renderer for OpenGL. It currently supports SVG as the only file output.

Sugar was born from the need to efficiently display accurate graphical representations of images scaled at any level. This is accomplished through the use the Scalable Vector Graphic and OpenGL technologies. Capable of rendering vector graphics defined by SVG files, the number of uses of Sugar are endless. Rendering Icons, maps, schematics, and user interfaces are just a few possible uses of vector graphics in your own program.

Why Scalable Vector Graphics?

Defined by the World Wide Web Consortium, the Scalable Vector Graphic standard gives us an open format which represents two dimensional vector based graphics. Vector graphics, unlike raster graphics, can be scaled to any level without any negative visible artifacts, such as pixelation.

Why OpenGL?

OpenGL was chosen as a basis for the rendering of the SVGs because it is both efficient and portable. Sugar is not limited to rendering in OpenGL, however: it is structured so that new renders can be written that utilize other graphical APIs, such as DirectX.

About xRhino

Sugar is just one more API released to the public by xRhino. Our main purpose for creating Sugar was for the rendering of complex schematics and the displaying of graphical icons in our OpenGL GUI toolkit, GLAM. Come and visit our web site to learn more about our company.

Last updated on November 8th, 2008

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