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A commercial and platform-independent vector drawing application based on the SVG format





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Sketsa SVG Editor is a cross-platform and commercial vector drawing graphical software powered by SVG and featuring tools for the optimization of content creation.

With Sketsa SVG Editor, you can create vector graphics that can be printed and scaled at any resolution without losing clarity or detail. It supports plugins, the SVG native file format, and produces very clean XML code.

Sketsa SVG Editor includes a designer, so you can draw SVG content visually, and it's crafted for the power user, allowing you to edit SVG source code directly. The software is standards compliant and extensible.

A source editor with syntax highlighting, a Defs editor, the ability to export to Bitmap or Raster, a tool palette, canvas, object property, and a visual design tool are also included in the project.
Last updated on September 21st, 2013

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Sketsa SVG EditorSketsa SVG EditorSketsa SVG Editor

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