Scilab Image Processing Toolbox 0.8.0

An imaging, computer vision, and shape analysis package for SciLab.

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What's new in Scilab Image Processing Toolbox 0.8.0:

  • This version brings consolidates many new features from the 0.7.x series, such as OpenCV support, a novel color classification algorithm, many new functions, and various updates and illustrations added to the help pages.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Ricardo Fabbri
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Scilab Image Processing ToolboxScilab Image Processing ToolboxScilab Image Processing Toolbox
SIP stands for Scilab Image Processing toolbox. SIP intends to do imaging tasks such as filtering, blurring, edge detection, thresholding, histogram manipulation, segmentation, mathematical morphology, color image processing, etc.

These operations are useful for problem solving in real-world applications ranging from car motion planning to automatic diagnosis of medical images.

SIP is meant to be a complete, useful, and FREE digital image processing toolbox for Scilab.

SIP functions:
* angle - gradient direction of edges
* bwborder - border detection for binary images
* bwdist - distance transforms
* bwlabel - connected component labeling
* curvature2d - curvature of a surface or image
* curvature - curvature of a contour
* dilate - morphological dilation of binary images
* drawline - draws line in a binary image
* edge - edge detection
* edilate - euclidean morphological dilation of binary images
* erode - morphological erosion of binary images
* fftderiv - derivative of a vector using FFT
* follow - a contour follower
* fractal - multiscale fractal dimension curve
* gray_imread - read any image as grayscale
* gsm2d - 2D gaussian smoothing
* gsm - 1D gaussian smoothing
* hello_sip - learn to add your own C routine to SIP
* hough - hough transform for line detection
* ihough - inverse hough transform
* im2bw - convert images to binary by thresholding
* im2gray - converts color images or colormaps to grayscale
* imconv - 2D convolution
* imcorrcoef - template matching by normalized correlation
* imfinfo - image file information
* imnoise - generate noise (salt & pepper, etc)
* imphase - image phase calculation.
* improfile - draws intensity profiles of an image
* imread - reads image file in ANY format
* imroi - roi (region of interest) of an image
* imshow - displays images in scilab graphic window
* imvariance - calculates the variance of an image
* imwrite - writes to an image file in ANY format
* ind2rgb - convert indexed images to truecolor storage
* interferometry_gui - Graphical User Interface for SIP functions
* minmax - Min/Max algorithm for noise removal from images
* mkfftfilter - builds 2D frequency-domain filters
* mkfilter - returns popular 2D convolution kernels
* mogrify - filter, rotate, zoom, equalization, and MANY more.
* normal - normalize array to a given range
* ntsc2rgb - converts from YIQ to RGB colorspace
* percol - test if binary image is percolated
* perim - perimeter of binary shape
* pifilter - pi filter for phased images
* poledetection - poles (or residues) detection in a wrapped phased image
* rgb2ntsc - converts from RGB to YIQ colorspace
* sip_fftshift - swap arrays (used with fft)
* skel - skeletonization, thinning, Medial Axis Transform
* thin - thinning by border deletion
* unfollow - converts a parametric contour into a binary image
* unwrapl - unwraps phased images linearly
* unwrapp - unwraps phased images by path following
* watershed - image segmentation with markers
* xgetpixel - gets the pixel coordinates from an image
* xor - exclusive or

Last updated on April 30th, 2012

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