SciPres 1.0.0 RC1

SciPres is a system for creating animated presentations.
SciPres is a system for creating animated presentations. SciPres was inspired by Slithy, a python-based system developed by Douglas Zonker.

In short, SciPres is to PowerPoint what LaTeX is to Microsoft Word: you script your presentation using a text editor, rather than using a WYSIWYG system.


Qt 4


Surprisingly, the installation is less easy under Linux. The main reason is that there is a variety of Linux distributions, and not all of them have Qt4 installed. Even on those for which it is the case, Qt3 is also installed because KDE (one of the standardly shipped window manager) needs it. We will try here to describe installation on a Ubuntu. If you feel like describing the process for your favorite distribution, let me know: I will create an account so that you can edit this page.


You can install SciPres in different ways, depending of the privileges you have. If you are root, download the latest rpm (scipres-1.0.0rc1-1.noarch.rpm) and install it:

rpm -Uvh scipres-1.0.0rc1-1.noarch.rpm

If you are not root, download the latest bundle (scipres-1.0.0rc1.tar.gz), decompress it in a temporary folder, and then run

python install --home=< dir >

where < dir > is a directory where you have write access, and that is in you PYTHONPATH. More info at

What's New in This Release:

The code base is pretty much finished, but before freezing the 1.0.0 interface, it should be validated by beta testers.
The online documentation is quite advanced and should be sufficient.
The tutorials are complete, and the reference manual is well advanced.

last updated on:
September 20th, 2006, 15:35 GMT
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Other/Proprietary License with Source
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ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
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