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Creating patterns made easy & fun: it’s instant magic





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Repper Pro is a design tool that lets you create patterns with ease.

Why use Repper Pro?

It will change the way you create patterns.

Why? Repper makes the design process quick, intuitive and more fun for you.
Have you ever tried using Photoshop or some other graphics program to design seamless patterns? Then you know that it is possible, but not quick, intuitive and definitely not much fun.

How? By providing you with relevant tools to design your patterns.
A clean and extremely easy-to-use interface, praised by Repper users, will guide you through the process.

Cool man! Yeah, we think so too
That’s my we let you try it out for seven days now or get it for the ridiculously low price of € 9.95 for home or € 29.95 for professional use.

Patterns, your way

When making a patterned background for a website, a social networking profile or a computer desktop you want to experiment with texture, size, colour and expression.

Repper Pro helps you with that by showing you exactly what the pattern will look like.

You can apply all effects to a pattern real-time and non-destructively. It even gives you a project drawer, that you can use to store patterns in, for easy reference while you work.


For people working with textiles, Repper Pro gives you the tools to optimize your design process and integrate with the software you are already using. With exporting in a number of formats (JPEG, TIFF) you can directly use the patterns you have created as basis for your fabric design, printing or weaving.

We are working with a number of production companies to provide printing and weaving services directly from Repper Pro. These features will be available to customers of the Repper Pro package.

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Last updated on May 14th, 2010
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