Quesa 2.1

Quesa is a 3D graphics library.
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Quesa is a 3D graphics library. It offers binary and source level compatibility with Apple's QuickDraw 3D API. Quesa does not contain any Apple source code, and was developed without access to Apple's QD3D implementation.

Quesa supports both retained and immediate mode rendering, an extensible file format, plug-in renderers, a wide range of high level geometries, hierarchical models, and a consistent and object-orientated API.

Quesa acts as a scene-graph while using OpenGL for rendering. In principle it could be adapted to use a different low-level rendering engine such as Direct 3D.

Quesa is pronounced kes-ah. Think Quesadilla, without the dia.

What's New in This Release:

Updated for Intel Mac support
Updated for 64-bit cleanness on Linux
Implemented writing of view hint objects and improved reading of view hints
Added Cartoon renderer
Added VRML file format reader plug-in
New functions Q3TriMesh_Optimize, Q3TriMesh_OptimizeData,
Q3Int64_Add, Q3Int64_Subtract, Q3Int64_Uns32_Add,
Q3Int64_Uns32_Subtract, Q3Memory_GetStatistics.
Made plug-in loading more reliable on Windows
Improved texture caching in the interactive renderer, so that if multiple
texture shaders use the same texture object, only one copy goes into
OpenGL texture memory
Miscellaneous bugs fixed

last updated on:
March 16th, 2011, 7:11 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Quesa Team
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
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