Pyntor 0.6

Pyntor generates slides for presentations on the fly from wiki-style text markup.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Josef Spillner
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
Pyntor project is a suite of small but usable software programs which are built upon Python and the SDL library (via pygame).

All programs are centered around a web browsing engine (Pyromaniac) and a slide show program (Pyntor itself).

Due to the minimal size and maximum configurability, Pyntor is a nice alternative to conventional presentation programs.

Here are some key features of "Pyntor":

General Features:

· really fast start (try './pyntor '), will use 'script' as default
· comes with several components
· Pyntor::Slides: slide show
· Pyntor::Flags: displays flags (or other images) in a loop
· Pyntor::Pyromaniac: HTML browser (not good, but sometimes usable)
· Pyntor::Video: run a video either fullscreen or within a slideshow
· Pyntor::Blend: Blend effects (e.g. for intros)
· run in window ('./pyntor -w')

Slides: Slideshow features:

· saving slides statically as to use them elsewhere ('s' key)
· toggle between fullscreen and window mode ('f' key)
· adjust brightness of background ('+' and '-' keys)
· going forth and back ('enter' and 'backspace' keys)
· browser launch support on urls, and program launch support
· wiki-style markup:
· title page (title line above ====, subtitle below)
· pages (page titles above ----, page content below)
· urls ([url:foo]) and images ([img:foo])
· page ranges or single pages out of a document
· switch mouse cursor on and off ('m' key)
· mark text (left mouse button if mouse cursor is visible)

Pyntor::Pyromaniac: Browser features

· HTML browser
· works on remote URLs also
· scaling of webpages ('+' and '-' keys)
· jump to previous/next slide ('p' and 'n' keys)
· if HTML pages contain comment about their order
· history always available ('alt+left' and 'alt+right' keys)
· screenshot ('f12' key)
· reload ('r' key)
· page width adjustments ('1' and '2' keys)
· toggle fullscreen ('f' key)

What's New in This Release:

· Several new presentation components were added, including one to use POD as known from Perl files.
· All components now include usage information, and a new tool called pyntor-components is available to manage them, including Internet updates via the Get Hot New Stuff technology.
· Finally, manual pages were added and the documentation for component authors was revised.

Last updated on April 11th, 2006

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