Png++ 0.2.1

png++ is a C++ wrapper for libpng library.

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BSD License 
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Alex Shulgin
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
Png++ is a C++ wrapper for libpng library.

Png++ aims to provide simple yet powerful C++ interface to libpng, the PNG reference implementation library. Png++ is free software distributed under a modified variant of the BSD license.

Why is it?

Using raw libpng in C++ may impose serious challenge since lots of precautions must be taken to handle initialization/deinitialization of control structures as well as handling errors correctly. With png++ you can read or write PNG images just in a single line of C++ code:

png::image< png::rgb_pixel > image("input.png");

The code reads an image from the file named "input.png", then writes the image to a file named "output.png". In this example png++ does all the transformations needed to create adequate in-memory RGB representation of the image (well, in most cases it simply instructs libpng to do so). The image in "input.png" can be RGB image, or it might be grayscale or even indexed image with a palette -- png++ will just convert any input to RGB format. However, for technical reasons such automatic transformation is supported for RGB and Grayscale color types only. Optionally there may be an alpha channel in the target color space (RGBA and Gray+Alpha respectively).

What's New in This Release:

· Support for tRNS chunk was added.
· Non-std IO streams support was added.
· 16-bit endian problems were fixed.
· The test script was improved.

Last updated on December 24th, 2007

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