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Pixane is a library for image handling and transformation.





Pixane is a library for image handling and transformation. The library supports a large number of formats in both reading and writing modes.

Pixane has been designed to be used from a dynamic language like Tcl. It makes possible and easy to generate and transform images in scripts, and is especially useful for web developers, since it can be called as CGI.

See pixane and pixfont for reference on how to use Pixane from Tcl scripts.

Pixane standalone distribution is made of dynamic libraries with no external dependencies. It requires no installation at all, except copying the correct dynamic library for your platform anywhere and loading it into your Tcl interpreter. All shared libraries are libc agnostic as much as possible. Especially on Linux platform, all libraries should be loadable in either a uClibc or glibc based interpreter, or in tclkit.

Pixane is also part of ETcl distribution, making it easy to deploy on a large variety of platforms, including Win32, Linux and Windows Mobile 2003 (aka PocketPC).
Last updated on November 27th, 2008

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