Pho 0.9.6

Pho project is a lightweight program for viewing large numbers of images quickly.

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What's new in Pho 0.9.6:

  • This release adds Keyword mode, slideshow mode, and a PHO_REMOTE environment variable.
  • It swaps -f and -F.
  • exif/Makefile has been simplified to work on FreeBSD and other systems where make is non-GNU make.
  • The list next/prev code has been changed to hopefully fix a bug where pho would get confused and cycle from the last image back to the first.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Akkana's Software
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Pho project is a lightweight program for viewing large numbers of images quickly, rotating or deleting some, and making notes about what to do with each image -- for instance, for going through hundreds of images after uploading them from a digital camera

Why another image viewer? Surely there are plenty of those?

I used to use xv for paging through images -- it's quite a good viewing program -- but it had a few features which annoyed me. For example, it creates a directory called .xvpics in every directory it touches; and if an image has to be resized to fit the screen, and after that you save it (perhaps after rotating it), it saves at the smaller size and boom, there goes your high-res image.

But, more important, there were a few extra things I needed. During image triage, I need to be able to do a few things quickly:

- Rotate images by multiples of 90 degrees, and remember the rotations.
- Delete bad images.
- Copy a few of the best horizontals to my Backgrounds (wallpaper) directory.
- Note which images I might want to put on a web page (after resizing).

With xv, I found that I was writing these lists on paper, or trying to keep track of them in my head. That's dumb! Why not make the computer do that work? So I did.

Since I wrote pho several years ago, I keep hearing about other image viewers, and thinking maybe pho was redundant. But I recently did a search, and couldn't come up with any other image viewers that are similarly efficient for paging through large collections of images. So I guess I'll keep maintaining pho!

Pho can read any format supported by gdk-pixbuf. I haven't found a list of those formats anywhere, but it seems to be substantial. The only format I've hit so far that it doesn't read is photocd. You can convert those to other formats using the ImageMagick utility.

Pho can delete images on disk, but it can't save rotated images yet. I use my imagebatch scripts for that.

Last updated on November 14th, 2008

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