PerceptualDiff 1.0.2

PerceptualDiff is an image comparison utility.
PerceptualDiff is an image comparison utility that makes use of a computational model of the human visual system to compare two images.

PerceptualDiff is released under the GNU GPL license.


PerceptualDiff image1.tif image2.tif [options]

-verbose : Turns on verbose mode
-fov : field of view,indicates how much of the observer's view the screen occupies, expressed in degrees; typically this is between 10 and 85. The front row of a theater has a field of view of around 85 degrees. The middle row has a field of view of around 50 degrees. The back row has a field of view of around 27 degrees. Pick a value that matches the strictness requirements of your test; for example, if it is important to fail on the slightest noticeable error, use -fov 85.
-threshold p : Sets the number of pixels, p, to reject. For example if p is 100, then the test fails if 100 or more pixels are perceptably different.
-gamma g : The gamma to use to convert to RGB linear space. Default is 2.2
-luminance l: The luminance of the display the observer is seeing. Default is 100 candela per meter squared

What's New in This Release:

[jt] Converted the loading and saving routines to use FreeImage.

last updated on:
July 3rd, 2008, 21:12 GMT
developed by:
Hector Yee
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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