PDFlib PLOP 2.1

PDFlib PLOP is a PDF Linearization, Optimization and Privacy.

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PDFlib PLOP is a PDF Linearization, Optimization and Privacy.

PDFlib PLOP is the application for server-based postprocessing of PDF files.

With PDFlib PLOP you can:

- Linearize a PDF file – for fast delivery and early access over the internet (byteserving).
- Optimize a PDF file – clear garbage and redundant objects from the file.
- Encrypt/decrypt a PDF file – using user and master passwords.


Linearized PDF files can faster be delivered by a webserver and accessed faster be accessed by the user, because the first parts (pages) of a document can already be displayed on screen while the rest of the file is transmitted in the background. Linearization enables a much more direct user experience when accessing PDF files over the internet.


Significantly reduces file size! Applications that generate PDF files do not always focus on file size for best internet transmission or archiving purposes. PDFlib PLOP can remove garbage, unnecessary objects and multiple identical objects, such as embedded fonts, images, identical ICC color profiles, etc.from PDF files to make this files significantly smaller end easier to handle in high volume environments – of course without any changes to content or quality of the file.


PDFlib PLOP can apply/remove all Acrobat security features:

Encrypt a PDF document with user or master password (or both).
Remove PDF encryption if you know the document’s master password.
Add or remove permission settings (e.g., printing or text extraction not allowed) if you know the document’s master password.
Query information about the security status (encrypted with user or master password), encryption scheme (Acrobat standard security, WebBuy, etc.), permission settings, and document info fields.
PLOP is not a cracker tool – it cannot be used to gain access to protected documents without knowing the (appropriate user or master) password.

Using PLOP

Command line & programming library: PLOP is available both as a programming library (component) for various development languages, and as a command-line tool for batch operations. Both offer the same features, but are suitable for different deployment tasks.

PLOP is a standalone tool which does not require any third-party software for reading, processing, or writing PDF.
PLOP can technically and legally be deployed on a server, is fully thread-safe, and has been checked for memory leaks. PLOP has been engineered for heavy server usage, and can be used in Web server environments, for high-volume batch processing, etc.
PLOP is available on many platforms and for several programming environments.
PLOP is very fast: depending on the type and amount of page contents, PLOP encrypts and/or linearizes several 100 pages (documents with many large images and fonts) up to several 1000 pages per second (text-centric documents) on a P4, 2 GHz.
PLOP accepts all PDF versions including PDF 1.5, and has been tested against thousands of PDF input files.
PLOPs security component is in very frequent use around the world. PDFlib PLOP enhances this feature set with server side PDF linearization and optimization, all combined with advanced security features.


Try before you buy! The software can be used without a license key for testing.
In order to fully deploy PDFlib PLOP download the required package from this page, install it on the target system and apply the appropriate license key.

Last updated on March 15th, 2007

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