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METAGRAF is a drawing application for TeX trough MetaPost.




METAGRAF is a drawing application for TeX trough MetaPost.

METAGRAF ave been tested in Linux, SuSE.

A few examples used in testing as been included in the directory files. They can (and should) be removed after testing them.

Metagraf-5 needs imperatively to run Java-5. It can be downloaded from here. Only the JRE is needed. The corresponding site to click is: Download JRE 5.0 Update...
To install Metagraf-5 on your computer do as follows:

If you are using Windows and you don't have WinZIP, download and install it. Install the Java-5 JRE as has been said. Download Metagraf's package, below, and extract it with WinZIP, placing it just in C:. A directory with the name: Metagraf-5 will be created. Create a direct access to the file MG.bat and put it on your Desktop. Use the icon furnished in the head directory Metagraf-5.

If you are using Linux, install the jvm JRE-5 if not already done. (SuSE includes it in its repository). Download Metagraf's package and place it in your preferred place. Then: tar xvzf metagraf-linux.tar.gz will create the directory Mg5-01 . Go into the directory and type java -jar mg5.jar to test everything.

Once Metagraf-5 is running, click on the Help button and READ everything. It is short but very important. If you have any doubts or problems AFTER doing it, write to the list.

Remember that Metagraf needs Latex, including Metapost, installed in your computer.

After the first days of trying Metagraf, send email to the list or to me with your comments, suggestions ... etc. In short, feedback, please.

Finally, don't forget to qualify this new version, below the downloading links.

NOTE: This is a first implementation of Metagraf-5. Some items have not been implemented yet, as a more formal Manual or the keys-list. Everything will be done in short time.
Last updated on March 1st, 2006

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