KoffeePhoto 2.5

KoffeePhoto is a free software that allows you to manage your personal photo library.

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KoffeePhoto is a free software that allows you to manage your personal photo library. You can manage your photo albums with KoffeePhoto, and share them with your friends or family very easily. Your albums will be saved on the KoffeePhoto network, which will let you access them anytime and anywhere.

KoffeePhoto allows you to pick your photos on your hard disk or on your camera, and to organize them in albums. Thanks to several ways of sorting your photos, by date, topic, place, person, or any combination of these categories, you will always have an easy way to find all your photos again.

KoffeePhoto saves your whole photo library on its peer-to-peer KoffeePhoto network. This is carried out in a completely seamless way. Your photos are encrypted to ensure confidentiality, and are saved without any loss in quality (no format reduction, no data compression), and no storage expiration date. You can access your photo library from several computers if you wish. In case of any data loss, you can recover your whole photo library very easily!


Java 1.5 or later

What's New in This Release:

Improved performance: Thanks to our new storage architecture, it only takes two minutes to upload and share hundreds of photos.
Online slideshows without software installation: Display of full-screen slideshows is now handled thanks to a Flash based module (demo), thus requiring no prior installation of specific software (we assume here you have the Flash player installed).
Online print orders made easier: Ordering prints is now a completely online process. The process is straightforward and, pictures being copied between servers, much faster.
Improved contact management: Heart of the photo sharing process, your contact list grows automatically as people share photo albums with you. Should changes occur, your contacts' email adress is automatically updated.
Straightforward online backup system: While remaining straightforward and safe, we have simplified the online backup system in order to make its daily use faster. A scale informs you how safe your pictures are and you can display the list of friends storing your pictures.
Simplified installation process
Can now be used behind corporate firewalls
In a few words, your photo sharing solution just got easier to install, nicer to use. Sharing pictures has never been so easy.
Updating your copy
Unlike previous updates, this new version needs to be installed manually.

Last updated on October 20th, 2007

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