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An effort to develop a common plug-in structure for the popular digiKam application

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Kipi (KDE Image Plugin Interface) is an open source and freely distributed software prokect. a collection of plugins for the digiKam digital photo management application. Kipi was previously distributed as a separate package, but now it’s part of the digiKam Software Collection.

The Kipi plugins are also shared among other similar image manipulation applications, including KimDaBa, Gwenview and Showimg, specifically designed to help users achieve their daily tasks. It is fully compatible with all GNU/Linux operating systems, supporting 32-bit and 64-bit installations.

Includes a wide variety of plugins

Kipi comes with a wide variety of plugins, among which we can mention GalleryExport, RawConverter, SlideShow, MpegEncoder, ImagesGallery, PrintWizard, JpegLossLess, CdArchiving, ScanImages, ScreenshotImages, Calendar, SendImages and RenameImages.

In addition, the ConvertImages, BorderImages, FilterImages, ColorImages, EffectImages, RecompressImages, FindDuplicateImages, WallPaper, TimeAdjust and KameraKlient plugins are also included in the Kipi collection.

Distributed as part of digiKam

Kipi (KDE Image Plugin Interface) is not only designed to be used with the digiKam application, it is distributed as part of digiKam. This means, that if you download the source code of digiKam, you will also get the Kipi collection of plugins.

Installing digiKam from any channel you want on your GNU/Linux distribution, will also install the Kipi plugin bundle, so you will have immediate access to all the aforementioned plugins when you use the digiKam application to edit your photos.

What is digiKam?

digiKam is an open source and totally free software project that has been designed from the ground up to act as a dedicated photo management solution on the KDE desktop environment. It includes a wide range of powerful features for editing images, organizing them, as well as a powerful plugin architecture that helps you to easily extend its features. More details about digiKam can be found on its dedicated page on Softpedia.

Kipi was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on February 3rd, 2015

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