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Kandid lets you evolve graphics using genetic algorithms.




Kandid is a system to evolve graphics. Graphics, in Kandid, is not drawn by hand. Instead new forms can be found using genetic algorithms.

To achieve this aim Kandid simulates evolution using sexual reproduction and populations. But there is no fitness function in side the program. Only the user decide which images are interesting.

To simulate evolution Kandid uses crossing over, mutation, populations and has a gene data base. Image calculation is based on Lisp like expressions, Iterated Function Systems (IFS), Linear Cellular Automata (LCA), Voroni diagrams, Lindenmayer Systems (L-systems), and layered textures renderd by Persistence of Vision.

Kandid can be used as an wrapper for image generation programs. These external programs must be able to read the parameters from an file and produce the resulting image to an other file. It is not necessary to edit the parameter files by hand nor starting the program manually.

From the users view there is no distinction between build in and the external calculations. At the moment Persistence of Vision ray tracer and Scott Draves Flame IFS renderer is supported.

While Kandid is platform independent these externals renderers are written in C/C++ and compiled for an special operation system.

You must install a version appropriate to your operating system. After the installation Kandid should be able to find the external program. On Linux programs are often placed in the folders /usr/local/bin/ or /usr/bin/.

This folders are automatically parsed by the operation system. On Windows you can place the exe file in the same folder where the kandid.bat file is located.
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