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KPDF project is a pdf viewer based on xpdf for KDE.




KPDF project is a pdf viewer based on xpdf for KDE.

Being targeted to home users it has some very unique features to enhance your reading pleasure in addition of doing everything you can expect from it.


There are three differents ways of searching in KPDF:

Find Dialog: The find dialog is the more standard way of doing searchs
Thumbnail filter: If you write some text on the text box above the thumbnails list, you'll get the thumbnails of the oages that have that text inside
Type-ahead find: Type '/' and start typing the text you want to search, kpdf will do a incremental search on it.

More features highlights are coming.. stay tuned.

What's New in This Release:

Put fonts used by the document on the properties dialog
Partial implementation of links with viewport
Support for images with alpha channel
Google-like search on thumbnails
Use kde wallet for passwords storage
Cursor wrapping over screen for continous scrolling
Shortcut for toggling the left panel
Save zoom setting on exit
Various performance improvements and bugfixes
Fixed 1 (maybe 2) crashes
Last updated on January 11th, 2007

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