JHotDraw 7.1

JHotDraw is a two-dimensional graphics framework for structured drawing editors that is written in Java.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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JHotDraw Team
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
JHotDraw is a two-dimensional graphics framework for structured drawing editors that is written in Java. It is based on Erich Gamma's JHotDraw, which is copyright 1996, 1997 by IFA Informatik and Erich Gamma.

JHotDraw is a Java GUI framework for technical and structured Graphics. It has been developed as a "design exercise" but is already quite powerful. Its design relies heavily on some well-known design patterns. JHotDraw's original authors have been Erich Gamma and Thomas Eggenschwiler.

The aim of making JHotDraw an open-source project is:

· to gain a wider audience for this framework among developers
· to build new applications based upon JHotDraw
· to let application development influence the development of JHotDraw
· to add new and advanced features
· to drive its further development
· to port JHotDraw to new Java GUI toolkits
· to enhance and refactor the exisiting code
· to identify new design patterns and refactorings
· to make it an example for a well-designed and flexible framework
· to examine the relevance of new Java APIs to JHotDraw (e.g. usefulness of Java 2D API for JHotDraw)
· to learn and to have fun

What's New in This Release:

· Substantial changes have been made to fix shortcomings and bugs in the frameworks of JHotDraw 7.0.9.
· Please take a look at the JDiff for a detailed report of all changes between JHotDraw 7.0.9 and 7.1.
· Drawing Framework: Most Figure methods with prefix basic… have been removed.
· These methods were used to support Undo/Redo by the Figure objects.
· In JHotDraw 7.1, this task has been delegated to the Tool objects.
· The class structure has been modified to gain more flexibility.
· Most notably, the Drawing interface extends now from the CompositeFigure interface.
· Application Framework: The experimental application framework based on JSR-296 has been removed, because it is not mature enough yet, to keep JHotDraw in sync with it.
· The Project interface has been renamed to View, to be more in line with the upcoming Swing application framework JSR-296.
· SVG: The background colors of SVG drawings can be set now. A number of bugs related to reading and writing gradients has been fixed. There is no support for editing gradients yet.
· ODG: This sample is not functional yet. It consists only of a few skeleton classes.

Last updated on March 25th, 2008

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