IMGCrush 0.4.0

Image compressor tool
IMGCrush was named after Pngcrush, a similar program devoted to optimization of PNG files.

It works by trying to save optimized image in JPG, PNG and GIF formats with various settings and then choosing the image that will fit user specified requirements best.

Like other image compressors, IMGCrush compresses image files to achieve the smallest possible file size. Unlike any other image compressor (at the time of writing), IMGCrush can also compress files using multiple image formats (GIF, JPG and PNG) which allows it to, for for example achieve best possible file size with at least user specified minimum image quality, or best quality with at most user specified size. At the moment, IMGCrush is quite slow, however, this should improve in the future. IMGCrush can also compress whole folders of images.

IMGCrush_GUI is a simple Tkinter Graphics User Interface using a minimal subset of IMGCrush options. In the future it should be replaced with a full-blown GTK or Qt GUI.

IMGCrush is released under the Simplified BSD License.

Main features:

  • Can output files as GIF, JPG or PNG depending on which format provides best result.
  • Can compress directories of images, even recursively if user specifies it.
  • Can compress files in separate processes.
  • Can compress files to have (at least) user specified quality.
  • Can compress files to have (at most) user specified size (can be specified in % of original file size, bytes/kiB/MiB/GiB, bits per pixel)
  • User can specify how thorough compression should be (slower compression results in better size/quality

last updated on:
November 3rd, 2009, 10:05 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Ferdinand Majerech
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
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What's New in This Release:
  • Added option to process directories recursively,
  • Added support for various GIF bit depths.
  • Added support for grayscale JPG.
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