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IIPimage is a client/server system for viewing and navigating within extremely high resolution remote images.
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IIPimage is a client/server system for viewing and navigating within extremely high resolution remote images. The project is based on the Internet Imaging Protocol and is able to work efficiently even over slow dialup connections.

The server is written in C++ as a plugin for Apache, Lighttpd, or any other FCGI-enabled Web server. Images are viewed via a Java client or an Ajax Javascript client. The system can also handle 3D image sequences, panoramas, or multispectral images.

In order for the system to be as efficient as possible, the images are stored in the multi-resolution TIFF tiled pyramidal format. This allows the server to extract regions of the full image at different resolutions very quickly with little processing overhead. Image of several gigapixels in size can be stored on a central server and viewed by many different users without the need to download large amounts of data.

Main features:

  • Fast lightweight Fast CGI server module that can be embedded in most web servers (Apache, Lighttpd, MyServer etc)
  • Several clients available - java applet, javascript etc
  • Instant dynamic generation of JPEG overviews or details at any resolution
  • Allows easy viewing of extremely large images (gigapixel size) with no significant memory requirements
  • Standard TIFF-based image format that can be read by many image processing tools (Photoshop, GIMP, VIPS etc)
  • 16 bits per channel image handling
  • Greyscale, sRGB and CIE L*a*b* colour spaces
  • Panoramic 3D object image sequences
  • Secure image distribution: only JPEG-compressed views of the image are sent to the client. The full-resolution image does not need to be accessible
  • Example uses: high resolution museum images, geographical information systems, medical imaging etc.

last updated on:
September 10th, 2008, 12:19 GMT
developed by:
Ruven Pillay and Denis Pitzalis
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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3 Screenshots
What's New in This Release:
  • The AJAX Javascript client has been upgraded to use Mootools 1.2.
  • This release includes many improvements, including navigation buttons, a draggable navigation window, and a loading progress bar.
  • In addition, tile layers can be added to the view to allow image blending and for IIPMooViewer to be used to build advanced image visualization applications.
  • See the demo page for an example of an online multispectral image visualization application built with IIPMooViewer.
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