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GiftedMotion is a free and easy to use GIF Animator tool, written in Java. If you need a simple way, to turn a series of still images into a funny animation, to be displayed on your homepage or as your forum avatar, without the hassle of learning how to use a full blown graphics suite, then GiftedMotion is probably the right gif animation software for you.


In order to create an animated GIF, just follow these five simple steps:

1. Load the image files, the animation will consist of. Multiple files can be selected in the file dialog by holding SHIFT or CTRL while clicking.

2. Two windows will pop up in the workspace. Make adjustments, concerning frame order, display time, dispose method and geometry.

3. Optionally preview the animation by hitting the play button.

4. Optionally fine tune the export settings.

5. Record the frame sequence into the final animation. Depending on image size and desired quality, exporting may take some time. A notification will be shown in the status field, once finished.
Last updated on August 10th, 2012

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A free and easy to use GIF Animator tool, written in Java


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