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An Open Source optical character recognition (OCR) program, implemented as a filter
GNU Ocrad is an open source command-line software designed to act as an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) daemon for Linux-based operating systems. It is implemented as a filter and it’s based on a feature extraction method.

GNU Ocrad is engineered in such a way that it can read images in PBM (bitmap), PPM (color) and PGM (greyscale) formats. It produces text in UTF-8 or byte (8-bit) formats and includes a layout analyzer, which is capable of separating the blocks or columns of text that are normally found on printed pages.

The software can also be used as a standalone program, or as a backend to other OCR applications.

last updated on:
January 8th, 2014, 10:00 GMT
developed by:
Antonio Diaz Diaz
license type:
GPL v3 
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GNU Ocrad - The help message of the GNU Ocrad (ocrad) command-line utility, as viewed from the Linux Terminal
What's New in version 0.23 Pre2
  • Filters of type '*_only' now remove leading whitespace.
  • ocradlib.h: Changed 'uint8_t' to 'unsigned char'.
  • Added some missing inclusions of 'cstdlib'.
  • ocrad.texinfo: Renamed to ocrad.texi.
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