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Fbi IMproved aims to be a highly customizable and scriptable image viewer.




Fim (Fbi IMproved) aims to be a highly customizable and scriptable image viewer targeted at the users who are confortable with software like the Vim text editor or the Mutt mail user agent.

The application is based on the Fbi image viewer and works in the Linux framebuffer console (it is not an X program). It features the ability to filter the list of images with regular expressions, Vim-like autocommands, command line autocompletion and history, completely customizable key bindings, external/internal scriptability, and much more.

Here are some key features of "Fim":

interactive (default) vs command line mode
every possible internal action has a textual command name
on-screen debug and information console in command mode
command line history
command line tab-based command autocompletion (thanks to the readline)
command line command autocompletion (optional)
key-action binding, with SHIFT and CONTROL key combinations
simple if-while scriptability, with integer,float,and string variables and arithmetic evaluation
command aliases support (macros)
event autocommands (in Vim's 'autocmd' style)
regular expressions to enrich autocommand behaviour
configuration (initialization) file support
usable builtin default configuration
wrapper script to convert pdf,ps,eps,dvi,cbr(rar),cbz(zip),tar,tar.gz,tgz
contents into images and display with Fim
index based goto
regular expressions (on filename) based goto
stuff usual for an image viewer (scale, pan, etc..)
stuff (un)usual for an image viewer (setting scale factor, auto width scale,
auto heigth scale, marking of 'interesting' files, sorting of files in the
list, recording/replaying of sessions, repeat last action )
script file execution
system call
pipe with some input program
these features could be enabled or disabled at compile time editing the Makefile


bison (required)
GNU Readline (required)
libjpeg (recommended)
libpng (recommended)
libtiff (recommended)
Libungif (recommended)

The typical sequence of actions to build Fim, which should suffice is :

tar xzf fim-0.1-alpha.tar.gz
cd fim-0.1-alpha
./configure --help=short
su -c "make install"

What's New in This Release:

Internal windowing (with splitting, resizing, swapping) support. .xcf, .fig, .dia, and .svg files are now viewable via wrapper calls.
Interactive command iteration (in the [n] form) has been introduced.
fim will try to run under screen and over SSH connections now.
A custom framebuffer device, fonts, and gamma are supported.
There are enriched compile-time options via the ./configure script.
Vim-styled variable scoping g:,i:,v:,w: (local variables) has been added.
Some bugs have been fixed.
New variables and commands have been introduced.
Last updated on February 21st, 2008

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