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Cooka is a very simple image viewer written in C# and compiled with Mono framework.





Cooka is a very simple image viewer written in C# (less than 900 lines of code, comments included) and compiled with Mono framework. The project is really essential: it has a file system browser in order to select the folder containing images to display; a thumbs viewer useful to see a preview of the images within the selected folder and some information like image's name, size an

In order to handle images and to enhance image viewing, Cooka provides a simple toolbar that allows users perform some basic operation such as rotate, zoom, set as background.

But, why Cooka is an old style image viewer ? Simply because it's possible to hide all the "interactive" areas (using keyboard shortcut) and focalize your attention on image. All the actions will be performed using your keyboard.


· GTK+ version 2.2.x
· Mono

Install and run:

If you have downloaded the BIN package, just unpack it and run the application using a terminal:

tar xzvf cooka-0.3_bin.tar.gz
mono Cooka.exe

The SRC package contains all the ".cs" files (only one !) and resources that allow you to compile Cooka on your own:

tar xzvf cooka-0.3_src.tar.gz cd cooka-0.3 ./

When process ends, you will find the Cooka.exe file on the Build subfolder; just use the previous syntax in a terminal window inorder to run the application.

Finally, the DEB package can be installed with the following:

dpkg -i Cooka-0.3.deb

You will find a shortcut to the aplpication onyour "Accessories" menu.

What's New in This Release:

Currently Cooka is able to display the followintype of images:

· png, jpeg, jpg, gif, tga, bmp, ico, tiff, tif, ani, xpm, bmp, pnm, pbm, pgm, ppm, xbm ,tga

· With Cooka you can browse your preferred folder using your mouse or, easily, using your keyboard. I think that when you are viewing a set of images all you want to see is "images", nothing else. So in Cooka all the features available with the mouse activity are also available simply using a key!
Last updated on March 10th, 2009

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