Command Line Quaternions 0.8.6

Command line functions that generate thousands of points of quaternions.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 14
Doug Sweetser
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
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Command Line QuaternionsCommand Line QuaternionsCommand Line Quaternions
The Command Line Quaternions project hopes to create command line functions that generate thousands of points of quaternions, to be fed into animation software. Quaternions are numbers with 4 parts: one for time, three for space.

Here are some key features of "Command Line Quaternions":

Strengths of the command line interface:

- Programs are small.
- Small is easier to maintain.
- Permutations, perumations, pert mutations.

Strengths of quaternion animations:

- Time and space are together.
- Does real and complex analytical animations too.
- Could produce new images of math.

Development style:

- Release early, release often.
- Use short charter and requirements statements.
- Doug is the benign dictator.

What works:

- Unary functions.
- Binary functions.
- Sorting.
- Graphical output to a web page.
- Command used to generate an animation is in summary images comment field.

Last updated on March 8th, 2009

#analytical animation #points of quaternions #animation software #analytical #animation #quaternions #time

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