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Caliph & Emir are MPEG-7 based Java prototypes for digital photo and image annotation.




Caliph & Emir are MPEG-7 based Java prototypes for digital photo and image annotation and retrieval supporting graph like annotation for semantic metadata and content based image retrieval using MPEG-7 descriptors.

Here are some key features of "Caliph and Emir":

Features of Caliph:

Extraction of IPTC and EXIF metadata and conversion to MPEG-7
Extraction of following content based image retrieval descriptors:
ColorLayout (measures color distribution in an image)
ScalableColor (basically a color histogram)
EdgeHistogram (measures edginess)
Annotation of images with
Free text metadata
Quality rating
Structured text metadata
Meta2 data (metadata about metadata)
Semantic Annotations
Based on a editable catalogue for reusable semantic objects (like specific persons, places, ...)
Fully visual & graphical user interface
Automatic placement and layout of visual descriptions
Export of semantic descriptions to Structured Text Descriptions
Load and save annotations as MPEG-7 XML file

Features of Emir:

Retrieval of annotations using the file system
with XPath queries
with keyword queries
with quality constraints
with example images for content based image retrieval
Retrieval of Annotations using a Lucene index
with inbuilt index creation
using different fields for structured retrieval
Retrieval of semantic graphs based on a Lucene powered index
supporting wildcards for relations and nodes
based on query expansion
graphical query editor
2D data repository visualization based on the FastMap algorithm
for image content descriptors ColorLayout, ScalableColor and EdgeHistogram
for graphs based on the minimum common sub graph metric

What's New in This Release:

This is mainly a maintenance release: Scalable Color descriptor extraction was fixed, and yields the same results as the MPEG-7 reference software.
EdgeHistogramImpl has been updated.
The DominantColor class was adapted.
PPM and BMP images are now supported.
Note that Java 6.0 is required for the binary version and 1.5 for compilation.
Last updated on July 7th, 2007
Caliph & EmirCaliph & EmirCaliph & Emir

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