BubblePaint 0.2.1

A simple paint program
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BubblePaint is a simple paint program using 2D physics. You paint with bubbles that collide with each other. Colors of bubbles and the background are adjustable, gravity can be turned on and off, bubbles can be "dried" and painted on top of.

Size and number of bubbles painted with is adjustable, with the documentationstats on a toggleable layer. Saving of images is available, and the window is resizable.


 * t : Toggle the information screen
 * Window is resizable
 * Expects a three-button mouse, with mouse wheel. Can’t vouch for results otherwise :)
 * LMB : Draw Bubbles
 * MMB-hold-move up/down : changes bubble size
 * RMB-hold-move up/down : change brush *hue*
 * RMB-hold-move left/right : change brush *value* (light to dark)
 * Mouse-wheel : change the ’spray pressure’ of bubbles (number applied at once)
 * You can hold down multiple mouse buttons at the same time while drawing to get different effects
 * ’s’ : Save a ‘bubblePaint.####.png’ image in the application directory based on the current resolution of the window
 * ‘n’ : Start a new session (be careful, will clear *everything*)
 * ‘c’ : Clear the *dynamic* bubbles. Don’t modify the background
 * ‘d’ : ‘Dry’ the dynamic bubbles to the background, allowing painting on top
 * ‘p’ : Will update the palette of the brush, based on what color is under the brush
 * ‘o’ : Will swap the current brush color with its complimentary (opposite) color
 * ‘b’ : Set the background color to the current brush color (will clear the background of any *dried* bubbles)
 * ‘g’ : Toggles onoff ‘gravity’. Default direction is ‘down’
 * ‘arrows’ : Defines direction of gravity, and turns gravity on
 * ‘ctrl+z’ : Undo remove bubbles in order of creation (no redo)
 * ‘Esc’ : Exit”

last updated on:
October 12th, 2009, 9:59 GMT
developed by:
Eric Pavey
license type:
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
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What's New in This Release:
  • Updating hotkeys to have better color control.
  • Updating onscreen docs with better formatting.
  • Added "blur" filter to background image.
  • Added a bunch more brush images.
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