Blender 2.74

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A fully functional, powerful and cross-platform integrated 3D creation software suite

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What's new in Blender 2.74:

  • Cycles got a few optimizations, a new "Pointiness" attribute and objects can now use the texture maps from other objects, the Viewport is now able to display Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field, the Outliner was improved in quite some ways, it is now possible to edit normals, the Hair tools developed for the Gooseberry Project are now available (including improved hair dynamics, child hair modifiers and various interaction tools), texture painting can now be done using Cavity Masks, Freestyle memory consumption was greatly improved, the Grease Pencil rewrite from Blender 2.73 was continued to make more editing tools available, improvements for animation interaction and many more features which are worth checking out!
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Blender is an open source application for creating professional 2D/3D graphics, models and animation on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The truth is that Blender is targeted at advanced users and enthusiasts who know what they are doing. However, new users can find comprehensive documentation and tutorials on the official website, which will help them to get started with Blender.

Features at a glance

It provides a fully customizable Interface, undo support on all levels, anti-aliased fonts with international translation support, a built-in text editor for annotations, support for editing Python scripts, fully scriptable UI with custom themes, and a consistent interface across all platforms. The application can be used for physics and particles, shading, real-time 3D and game creation, imaging and compositing, raytrace rendering, rendering, animation, solids modeling, and character modeling.

Supports a wide range of image file types, animations and movies

Blender allows for photorealistic rendering, fast modelling, fast rigging, sculpting, fast UV unwrapping, amazing simulations, camera and object tracking, and much more. The application provides import and export support for various image file types, such as JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, TAGA, DPX, Radiance HDR, SGI Iris, Cineon, and OpenEXR. In addition, it can import or export animations and movies to MPEG, AVI and Quicktime file formats, and 3D models for 3D Studio (3DS), X3D, STL, Autodesk (DXF), DirectX (x), Motion Capture (BVH), Lightwave (LWO), SVG, Filmbox (FBX), Stanford PLY, Wavefront (OBJ), VRML, VRML97, and COLLADA (DAE).

A professional 3D modeller used in Hollywood movies

All in all, the application is really amazing for professional 3D graphic editors, especially because it is open source, freely distributable, and supported on all major platforms. Thanks to a vast online community of developers and enthusiasts, its flexible interface, and the wide range of extensions available, Blender is our number one choice for 2D/3D modelling and animation. The application was/is heavily used in many Hollywood blockbuster movies to create high quality and interactive 3D content. It is a very complex and professional application.

Blender was reviewed by , last updated on March 31st, 2015

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