Batchconverter 0.2

A tool for batch image conversion.

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What's new in Batchconverter 0.2:

  • Added:
  • Multipage conversion into tiff and PDF
  • Extraction of multipagefiles (tiff/PDF)
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
R. Witthüser
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
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Batchconverter - Resize imagesBatchconverter - Rotate imagesBatchconverter - Convert imagesBatchconverter - Choose file format
Batchconverter is a Kommander script that enables image conversion in batchmode. It contains of three tabs for conversion, rotation and resizing.

For conversion choose the directory with the images, select a fileformat and press "Convert". Afterwards you see the commandline running until the task is done. The conversion into 34 fileformats is possible:

alias (Alias Image File)
arcib (ArcInfo Binary)
bmp (Windows Bitmap)
cin (Kodak Cineon)
dcx (Zsoft Multi-page Paintbrush)
dds (Direct Draw Surface)
dkb (DKB Ray-Tracer)
dpx (DPX)
gpat (Gimp Pattern)
ico (Windows Icon)
iff (Amiga IFF)
jpeg (JPEG / JFIF)
miff (Image Magick file)
mtv (MTV Ray-Tracer)
pcx (Zsoft Publisher's Paintbrush)
pdf (Portable Document Format)
png (Portable Network Graphics)
pnm (Portable Image)
ppm (Portable Pixmap)
prc (Picture Gear Pocket)
ps (Postscript)
psd (Adobe Photoshop)
psion5 (Psion Series 5 Bitmap)
qrt (Qrt Ray-Tracer)
rad (Radiance)
360ray (Rayshade)
rla (Wavefront Raster file)
sct (SciTex Continuous Tone)
sgi (Silicon Graphics RGB)
soft (Softimage)
tga (Truevision Targa)
tiff (TIFF Revision 6)
vista (Vista)
vivid (Vivid Ray-Tracer)

For rotation choose the directory, enter degrees of rotation and prefix. Finally press "Rotate".

Batchresizing works similar though the new sizes in pixel or percent have to be entered.

Batchconverter depends on "nconvert" and "Kommander".

You can use the script "" if Kommander is already installed.

This kommander script is based on ScaleDir by Jens Fritz.

Last updated on October 12th, 2008


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