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BOSS Presentation Tool is a front-end design using GTK to the keyjnote application.




BOSS Presentation Tool project is a front-end design using GTK to the keyjnote application.

What is KeyJnote?

KeyJnote is a stylish presentation tool by Martin Fiedler with cool eye-candy slide effects and some really useful features. Unfortunatly viewing these presentations is not as easy as creating them: KeyJnote only provides a command line interface for tuning its features.

What is BOSS Presentation Tool

For those, who prefer the graphical way, BOSS Presentation Tool is the right tool. It provides an easy-to-use frontend to KeyJnote. All important command line switches are exposed through the GUI.

BOSS Presentation includes a feature to convert ppt,odp,pps document format to pdf.So using BOSS Presentation Tool a pdf,ppt,pps,odp or a directory containing one or more images can be displayed as slideshows.


· GTK+ version 2.0.x
· Python at least 2.4 (earlier version were not tested)
· An easy, yet powerful scripting lanuage
· PyOpenGL - OpenGL binding for Python
· PyGame - SDL binding for Python
· PIL - the Python Imaging Library
· Ghostscript - Postscript interpreter for PDF rendering (strongly recommended)
· pdftk - A program for retrieving PDF metadata (e.g. page titles) (optional)

What's New in This Release:

· Version of Keyjnote - 0.10.1
· Command name changed to boss-presentation-tool
· Entire Front-End design is changed
· Added Menu Bar and Tool Bar
· More than one transition can be seleted
· An image can be used as a mouse cursor
· Expected run-time of the presentation can be specified
· Wrap option - Whether presentation has to be restarted after the last page
· Starting Page option to start the presentation from any page
Last updated on February 22nd, 2008
BOSS Presentation Tool

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