Ansilove/PHP 1.10

A set of tools to convert ANSI and art scene-related file formats into PNG images.

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What's new in Ansilove/PHP 1.10:

  • Added new and updated documentation file in AsciiDoc format (Also available in HTML and PDF)
  • Using proper bitshift instead of pow for ADF / IDF / XBIN font processing
  • Skipping 'Set mode' and 'Reset mode' sequences to correctly render files saved with recent versions of PabloDraw
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Frederic Cambus
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Graphics
10 Ansilove/PHP Screenshots:
Ansilove/PHP - Example ANSi (Drawn by Avenger, November 2004)Ansilove/PHP - Example ASCii (Amiga Font ON) (Drawn by H7, November 2004)Ansilove/PHP - Example ANSi (Drawn by Cleaner, July 2005)Ansilove/PHP - Example ANSi (Drawn by Avenging Angel, October 2005)Ansilove/PHP - Example ANSi (Drawn by Aesthetic, November 2005)Ansilove/PHP - Example ANSi (Drawn by Sephiroth, November 2005)Ansilove/PHP - Example ASCii (Amiga Font ON) (Drawn by Yop, March 2006)Ansilove/PHP - Example ANSi (Drawn by Ansichrist, April 2009)Ansilove/PHP - Example ASCii (Amiga Font ON) (Drawn by dMG, April 2009)Ansilove/PHP - Example ASCii (Amiga Font ON) (Drawn by Cubon, April 2011)
Ansilove/PHP is a set of tools to convert ANSi and artscene related file formats into PNG images, supporting ANSi (.ANS), BiNARY (.BIN), and ADF (.ADF) formats.

Ansilove/PHP project includes an all purposes command line converter, along with a library to use on web pages for doing "on the fly" conversions.


- Ansilove/PHP requires PHP with the GD module (version greater than 1.6) installed. If you want to convert huge files, you may have to increase the memory_limit size in your php.ini file.

Last updated on October 9th, 2012

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