3Delight 10.0.50

A very fast RenderMan-compliant renderer
3Delight software is a very fast RenderMan-compliant renderer designed to produce photorealistic images for mature production environment.

3Delight is RSP's renderman renderer of choice, and it was the only render we used to complete Superman and Charlotte's Web. Not having to wait months for bug fixes or feature requests just plain rocks, without DNA being able to give us this level of service we could not have finished our shows. 3Delight does what it says on the tin!

Main features:

  • ray tracing
  • global illumination
  • motion blur
  • depth of field
  • subdivision surfaces
  • programmable shaders
  • quality antialiasing
  • antialiased multi-depth shadow maps

last updated on:
September 3rd, 2012, 9:43 GMT
license type:
Free To Use But Restricted
developed by:
3Delight Development Team
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What's New in version 10.0.4
  • The shading interpreter (the "virtual machine" which is responsible of shader
  • evaluation) is now using propetary just-in-time compilation technology which
  • translates RenderMan RSL 2.0 shaders into SSE2 machine code. This makes
  • the shader interpretation up to three times faster and gives a 30% speed
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