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A GUI front-end to various audio converters supported under the GNU/Linux platform

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soundKonverter is an open source tiny piece of software written in Qt and designed from the ground up to provide users with a graphical front-end for various command-line audio converters under the GNU/Linux platform.

Features at a glance

It is a simple and easy-to-use audio conversion utility that features ReplayGain calculation and Audio-CD ripping functionality. It supports a wide range of audio file formats, allowing users to effortlessly convert between them.

The application also features a batch mode, allowing users to convert multiple files at once, as well as to rip multiple Audio-CDs at once. In addition, it lets users to change sample size/rate during conversion, and extract an audio stream from a video file.

Another interesting feature is the built-in data recovery functionality, which will automatically recover partially converted files when a crash occurs. It is also possible to integrate the application with other programs or scripts, simply by using its command-line interface (CLI).

Comes with a ReplayGain calculation tool

The ReplayGain calculation tool can be used to calculate the ReplayGain functionality for multiple files at once, as well as to remove ReplayGain tags from selected files. soundKonverter can also retrieve Audio-CD information from the well known MusicBrainz and CDDB services.

Supports a wide range of encoders and decoders

Supported encoders and decoders include FAAC, FFmpeg, FLAC, Lame, libav, MPlayer, Nero AAC, Timidity, FluidSynth, Ogg Vobis, TwoLAME, Musepack, Flake, WavPack, Shorten, ttaenc, Opus-tools, SoX, Speex, and Mac.

Among the supported ReplayGain calculators, we can mention AACGain, Metaflac, MP3Gain, VorbisGain, wvgain, and Mpcgain. Furthermore, the cdparanoia program is used for reading and ripping Audio-CDs, and SoX will provides various filters, such as normalize, treble, bass, sample size, sample rate, and channels.

Bottom line

Summing up, soundKonverter is an independent and straightforward application that allows users to effortlessly convert multiple audio files at once, from one format to another. It features a very scalable ReplayGain calculation and conversion functionality that supports over 10.000 files.

soundKonverter was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 10th, 2015
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