slimp3slave 0.4

slimp3slave is a command-line program implementing a SLIMP3 client.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.7/5 12
Paul Warren
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slimp3slave is a command-line software implementing a SLIMP3 client.

Developer comments

I wrote it because I wanted to be able to use the SLIMP3 server software to control the sound coming out of my PC. It produces a similar result to running mpg123 http://slimserver:9000/stream.mp3, but uses the SLIMP3's UDP protocol to stream the music and to control mpg123. The advantage is that the client is much more responsive.

slimp3slave was written on Linux, and is definitely on the quick-and-evil hack side of programming. It requires an MP3 decoder that can decode data piped to it on standard input. By default slimp3slave uses mpg123, but doing so is not recommended. mpg123 (and mpg321) has difficulty dealing with partial frames that are often generated by the server. You will have more success using either splay or madplay.

Originally written by Paul Warren, slimp3slave has been extended by Rob Funk to include a curses-based UI so you can see what's on the LCD display and control the player through the client interface using the keyboard.

To use slimp3slave, type make, then run slimp3slave optionally specifying the server IP address:

./slimp3slave -s

For more information:

./slimp3slave -h

Usage: slimp3slave -h | -l -s serveraddress -v

-v verbose mode
-l enable LCD display output
-s serveraddress specifies server address
-c playercmd MP3 player command

Special Keys:

! Power
Enter Play
Space Pause
Insert Add
Delete Add
Home Now Playing
[ Rewind
] Forward
/ Search
? Shuffle
r Repeat
s Sleep
+ Size (double-size not usable)
^L Refresh Screen
v Debug mode Toggle
Backspace Clear Error Message
q Quit Program

Last updated on April 27th, 2008

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