rip-utils 0.2.1

rip-utils is a command line toolkit for ripping, encoding, tagging, organizing, compiling, and managing audio archives.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Mikol Graves
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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rip-utils is a command line toolkit for ripping, encoding, tagging, organizing, compiling, and managing audio archives. Each utility participates in a common framework that allows commodity tools (such as file browsers, multimedia players and streaming servers) to access your digital catalog simply and effectively.


A single command (tuned for optimal quality using cdparanoia and LAME) drives the ripping, encoding and tagging process from end to end:

% ru rip

No further intervention will be necessary.Each track will be extracted from the compact disc, encoded, tagged (using album information obtained from a freedb server) and filed in a sensible location (~/mp3 by default).

list, tag, diff and submit

For those of us who want to exercise some editorial control, rip-utils also provides powerful support for retrieving, modifying, comparing and submitting album information using freedb servers. In addition to supporting standard editing features based on freedb naming conventions, rip-utils offers convenient methods for performing otherwise tedious tasks such as tagging multi-artist compilations or properly capitalizing album and track information; when maximum flexibility is required, regular expressions can be used. For a detailed example, see:

ru tag + cddb read misc 710ef109

organize and compile

Furthermore, rip-utils uses portable mechanisms to organize your entire audio collection. You can use rip-utils to create file system-based categories or to compile standard Internet playlists. Every file created or managed by rip-utils can be easily used without modification by most multimedia players, streaming servers (such as the one provided with the SliMP3 Player) and operating systems that might access your recordings using a shared file system (e.g., Samba). At the same time, every effort is made to ensure that each file name and path is legibly formatted so that humans are able glean as much from the file system as their software:

Hardfloor - The Best of Hardfloor: The Mixes.m3u

Hardfloor/The Best of Hardfloor: The Mixes/07. Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Hardfloor Remix).mp3


· Perl v5.6.1
· cdparanoia v9.8
· LAME v3.90
· id3v2 v0.1
· id3lib v3.7.13

Last updated on July 29th, 2006


#command line #audio archives #rip tool #rip #encode #tagging #organizer

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