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rbpitch is a plugin for Rhythmbox which allows the user to change the pitch, tempo, and speed of the music playback.

rbpitch is a plugin for Rhythmbox that lets you change the pitch, tempo, and speed in real-time while playing a song. The main features of rbpitch include:

*Change the pitch and tempo of your music independently of each other.
*Change the "speed", which is pitch+tempo scaled together without aliasing.
*Remember pitch and tempo settings between launches.
*Easy to use GUI, integrated into the Rhythmbox shell.

There are other programs similar to rbpitch. rbpitch closely resembles:
*PaceMaker: http://surina.net/pacemaker/ (closed source, Windows only)
*J. River Media Jukebox 12 contains similar functionality (closed source, Windows only)
*foo_dsp_soundtouch for Foobar2000 (closed source, Windows only)
*scaletempo for Rhythmbox: http://willem.engen.nl/projects/musictools/ (open source, cross platform)

Here are some possible uses of rbpitch, borrowed from http://surina.net/pacemaker by Olli Parviainen (with permission):
*Slower music tempo eases practicing music
*Change the music key to match the singer's voice (karaoke, singing practice)
*Dancers can change the music tempo suitable for dancing
*Adjust music key instead of retuning instrument for each song
*Listen 78 RPM vinyl singles with a usual 33/45 RPM disc player
*Transcribe tunes
*Write down dictations
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