rb-podcast-sync 0.1

Sync Podcast Feeds in Rhythmbox to Ubuntu One

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GPL v3 
Huntly Cameron
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rb-podcast-sync is a project that will sync your podcast feeds in Rhythmbox to Ubuntu One. Uses the desktop couch to facilitate this.

What is it, and what does it actually do?

The podcast sync plug-in will hook up to your Ubuntu one account and sync your podcasts.  So if on your laptop you're subscribed to podcast A, B and  C yet on your desktop you're subscribed to podcast A, B, D and E, when you  click the sync button you will end up with A, B, C, D and E.  Then if you go  back to your desktop and sync there, you end up with A, B, C, D and E!

How does it do that? (for the more technically minded user)

It works by using the magic of couchdb and in particular the desktop-couch  package in Ubuntu.  When you write to your desktop-based couchdb, the magic  of couchdb means that it will then replicate itself (in this case to your  Ubuntu one account).

In theory, this desktop couch *could* replicate to another couchdb other than the one stored on the Ubuntu one servers such as a personal one. But for now, its only hooked up to Ubuntu one. 

This is cool!  How can I get involved?

Create an account on launchpad (http://launchpad.net) and then join the rb-podcast-sync project (https://launchpad.net/rbpodcastsync).

Last updated on April 13th, 2010

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