prc 1.0 RC2

prc project utilises a pioneer control out port and a soundcard to make the keypresses on a pioneer remote control available.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
J. Pauli
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
prc project utilises a pioneer control out port and a soundcard to make the keypresses on a pioneer remote control available for the computer. With additional scripts or programmes it is possible to control your computer without additional hardware, like infrared receivers. It features automatic noise level detection and it is independent from the used sound architecture.


A pioneer device with a control out port
An ADC (like the one in your sound card)
A program which is capable of converting the data from the ADC to one channel, 8bit samples with a constant bit rate
Linux (>2.6.0), a reasonable new C compiler, make


-c, --check

Checks whether the sample rate given in the config file is correct. prc needs longer for startup (two seconds if correct) and because tolerances are very low, this option could throw an error even when everthing is correct.

-h, --help

Display a short help message to stdout.

-l file, --log file

Log everything to file (possibly overriding the entry in the config file).

-v, --verbose

Display everything up to the least interesting notice.

-d, --nodetach

Do not detach.

-f, --forwardraw

Forwards all data received from the feeder process to stdout. This option implies -d or --nodetach and could be useful if you want to connect another device.

-s, --disableshift

The newly added support for shift keys led to a protocol which is incompatible to the old one. To not render ongoing client development void, this switch is provided. It disables the shift key handling and uses the old protocol (emits only [0-9A-F]{4} per keypress).


Since I don't know of any official documentation of pioneers control out port (except for how to use it the pioneer way), everything presented here depends on careful observation of the signals one specific pioneer amplifier delivers to one specific sound card. I am using the pioneer A-509R stereo amplifier connected to a Creative Audigy 2 ZX managed by ALSA 1.0.12rc1 (Linux 2.6.18) running inside a Gentoo Linux. Even worse, my amplifier had an accident with a bottle of beer a while ago, that is some beer came in contact with all the electronic.
Under these conditions prc should work as explained above. For other setups strange, unwanted or dangerous things may happen but before pouring beer over your amplifier because prc is not working, please contact me.

What's New in This Release:

shift keys (user request)
command line switch to forward raw data
two example clients

Last updated on November 14th, 2006

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