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Nwfiir audio tools is a free suite of console programs for your Unix machine to process high resolution digital audio.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Anders Torger
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Nwfiir audio tools is a free suite of console programs for your Unix machine (Linux in particular) to process high resolution digital audio. The suite's core program is nwfiir, which is a real-time digital equaliser. The name is a combination of the abbrevations FIR, IIR, WFIR and WIIR, that is four types of filters, Finite Impulse Response, Infinite Impulse Response and their warped counterparts. Currently only FIR and WFIR have been implemented in the application

The goal of room equalisation is to have a desired power response in the listening position. The desired response is most often the flat one, that is when all frequencies in the audible range, from 20 - 20000 Hz, are equally amplified. You may own very expensive speakers and amplifiers and so on, that will produce a flat power response, but only if it is placed in an anechoic lab environment. The room have a profound impact on the sound.

To minimise the problems, one can measure the power response in the listening position with a microphone, and with help of that put in a precisely tuned equaliser that minimises the room's negative impact on the sound. Commercial systems exist for this (Roister, Tact Audio), however they are still very, very expensive. The software presented here is a a full room equalisation system, apart from the hardware which you may well own already anyway.

What's New in This Release:

New component: fird, a FIR filter designer, however with no psycho-acoustic stuff yet.
A quick hack: fconv, a fast convolver, ugly code lack of features and so on, but can be used to demonstrate how much faster fast convolution is than convolution in the time domain (which nwfiir does).
Fixed some Makefile stuff.

Last updated on July 26th, 2006

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