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The mpg123+eq patch adds a -Q option to mpg123 0.59r, which displays a 16 band graphical equalizer.




The mpg123+eq patch adds a -Q option to mpg123 0.59r, which displays a 16 band graphical equalizer. EQ can be toggled on or off, and if on during exit, parameters are saved to ~/.eq for restoring the next time mpg123 is started.It can display Artist and Title on an LCD-like display.

Uses code (or at least ideas) from:
MPEG Software Simulation Group: reference decoder package
Tobias Bading: idea for DCT64 in subband synthesis from maplay package
Jeff Tsay and Mikko Tommila: MDCT36 from maplay package
Philipp Knirsch : DCT36/manual unroll idea
Thomas Woerner (SGI Audio)
Damien Clermonte (HP-UX audio fixes)
Niclas Lindstrom : OS2 port
Stefan Bieschewski : Pentium optimizations, decode_i586.s
Martin Denn : NAS port
Niklas Beisert MPEG 2.5 tables
and : NetBSD
Kevin Brintnall BSD patch
Tony Million: win32 port
Steven Tiger Lang: advanced shuffle
Henrik P Johnson: HTTP auth patch
Eric B. Mitchell: esd port
Ryan R. Prosser esd port for Solaris
Daniel Kobras : lot of (DK)-bugfixes
and more ....

What's New in This Release:

· applied audio_alib changes from Ralf Hildebrandt
· some 'paetsches' from DK
· minor optimizations in layer3 (dequantize/huffman)
· BSDOS 4.0 with gcc added to Makefile ()
· Solaris-ESD patch from Ryan Prosser
· Added Frontend changes from Bertrand Petit
· more DK 'paetsches' (final dk7-clubhaus edition), includes extended term
· control
· SGI audio fix for non RAD machines from Erik Mouw
· fixed ugly bug in layer3 dequant for bt==2 (may cause high frequency clitchs)
· AMD-3DNow optimizations in decode and dct64
· OS/2 reworked from Samuel Audet (see audio_os2.c for more)
· added freebsd-esd make-entry from Daniel O'Connor (
· added enhanced head_check from D. Skarda
· applied 'xterm-title-patch' from "Wilson, Jeff D"
· more esd changes from Robert Bihlmeyer
· applied Hannu Napari's SGI audio patches
· minor changes in httpget.c and mpg123.c
· added native AIX support from
· applied playlist patch from
· more SGI audio patches from Gilles Zunino
· applied esdserver patch from Matthew Parslow
· added some fixes for control_generic
Last updated on July 19th, 2006

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