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mp3rename is a command-line utility for keeping vast amounts of mp3s easy to read and access.




mp3rename is a command-line utility designed to help keep vast amounts of mp3s easy to read and access by keeping nasty characters and odd formatting conventions away.

USAGE: mp3rename [OPTIONS] file1...

Example mp3 conversion:
ORIGINAL -> (TheBeatles)-10-You've_got_to_hide_your_love_away
FINAL -> 10-TheBeatles-Youve_Got_To_Hide_Your_Love_Away.mp3


The MP3::Info, MP3::Tag, and the Term::Readline::Gnu modules need to be installed, but included is an automated installer.


1. First, type 'make', to get installation instructions from the Makefile.

2. In order to run mp3rename, you need to have the above mentioned modules. If you don't already have them installed, you need to become root at this point (if possible) and type 'make modules'. It will install the libraries system-wide, so you will no longer need to do this step in future upgrades.

3. If you have previously installed the modules, or think they are installed already, then you can type 'make nomodules' instead of step 2 to just prepare the program locally. You do not have to be root to do this.

4. If you want to install mp3rename globally, then type 'make global' as root.

5. If you want to install mp3rename locally, then type 'make local', you don't have to be root.

6. To uninstall, type 'make uninstall', as root if neccesary. Note that this will not affect installed perl modules.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed a bug that format-dependancies added in meta-matching.
Last updated on October 29th, 2007

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