klick 0.12.2

klick is an advanced JACK-based metronome, supporting tempo changes, meter changes, and more.

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What's new in klick 0.12.2:

  • This release fixes a segmentation fault that sometimes occurred when terminating the program.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Dominic Sacré
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
klick is an advanced JACK-based metronome, supporting tempo changes, meter changes, and more. It allows you to define complex tempo maps for entire songs or performances.

This project is released unter the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.


In the klick source directory, run:


and then, as root:

scons install

or, to install somewhere else than /usr/local, e.g. /usr:

scons PREFIX=/usr install


Command line options:

klick [ options ] [meter] tempo[-tempo2/accel] [pattern]
klick [ options ] -f tempomap-file
klick [ options ] -j

-f < filename > load tempomap from file
-j no tempomap, just follow jack transport
-n < name > jack client name
-p < port,.. > jack port(s) to connect to
-s < number > use built-in click sample 1 (default) or 2
-S < emphasis,normal > use the given files as click samples
-e no emphasized beats
-v < multiplier > adjust playback volume
-w < multiplier > adjust playback frequency
-t enable jack transport
-T become transport master (implies -t)
-d < seconds > delay before starting playback
-c < bars > pre-roll. use -c 0 for 2 beats
-l < label > start playback at the given label
-x < multiplier > multiply tempo by the given factor
-V verbose output
-h show this help


To play a 3/4 beat at 120 bpm:

klick 3/4 120

To play a 4/4 beat starting at 80 bpm, gradually increasing the tempo by 1 bpm every 10 measures until reaching 120 bpm:

klick 80-120/10

Tempo map file format:

The tempo map consists of an arbitrary number of lines with the following format:

[label:] bars [meter] tempo[-tempo2] [pattern] [volume]

You may use comments starting with '#'. Empty lines are ignored.
label An optional name that may be used to refer to this line, and start playback at this position.

� bars The number of bars for this tempo map entry.
� meter The meter, written as beats/denominator. This is optional, the default is 4/4.
� tempo The tempo in beats per minute, with a "beat" always referring to quarter notes, no matter what the meter actually is (this is different from Ardour/JACK, but similar to most other audio software).
� tempo2 The tempo at the end of this entry, can be used for accelerando/ritardando.
� pattern This may be used to alter the pattern of accented/normal beats. Use 'X' (upper case) for accented beats, 'x' (lower case) for normal beats, and '.' for silence. So for example, if you have a 6/8 measure, and you only want the 1st and 4th beat to be played, you could use the pattern 'X..x..'; the default would be 'Xxxxxx'.
� volume Allows you to set a different volume for each part, default is 1.0.

Example tempo map:

part1: 8 120 # play 8 measures at 120 bpm, 4/4 is implied
8 4/4 160 X.x. # 8 measures at 160 bpm, playing only the 1st and 3rd beat
part2: 14 3/4 80 # 16 measures at 80 bpm, 3/4 beat...
2 3/4 80-40 # ...with a ritardando over the last 2 bars

Last updated on September 14th, 2009


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