kalsamix 1.0.0 Beta 2

kalsamix is a full featured mixer for ALSA sound system based on KDE.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Stefano Rivoir
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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kalsamix is a full featured mixer for ALSA sound system based on KDE.

The project derives from my kamix, which I decided to rename because of a longstanding name clash with other opensource projects.

For those who were using kamix already, don't forget to rename $HOME/.kde/share/config/kamixrc to kalsamixrc in the same directory.

Here are some key features of "kalsamix":

Multicard support
KAlsaMix is designed to support any number of soundcards

Adjust levels
Adjust every single item, or mute/unmute it
If an item has more channels, you can adjust them separately
If an item or channel has both playback and capture capabilities, separate level are shown
You can mute every single item channel, if supported by the soundcard

You can save the levels, give this 'preset' a name and then recall it with one click
Any number of presets can be created, so you can customize output or input for any situation

Decide what to see
You can show/hide a whole soundcard
You can show/hide any item you care or not
You can decide the order of the items

Rename items
Every item can be renamed at your wish, if you don't like ALSA default name

Group items together
You can create group of items, and then show or hide them with one click: for example, you can create a 'Digital' group containing all those fancy IEC958 controls; this helps to keep the mixer window clean, with only those elements you use more often.

System tray with volume tooltip
Quick access to the main volume control by clicking on systray
Configurable 'main volume' item, when ALSA fails to choose the right one
Mute/unmute by clicking on the systray
OSD volume changes notification

What's New in This Release:

fix: removed an explicit reference to libkdeui (KDE4)
fix: items font was always bold
fix: in config window, mid-button action is now selectable by a combo box

Last updated on July 4th, 2007

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