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jost project is the first open source multi-technology (native vst, ladspa, dssi) host in linux.





jost project is the first open source multi-technology (native vst, ladspa, dssi) host in linux. It will mainly host a chain of plugins per instance, publishing jack and alsa_seq ports in order to be connected in your main stream flow. It is actually under heavy development, but it still have some very good features that makes it a first class host (well judge by yourself !).

I’m sorry if the latest development versions are breaking sessions backwards compatibility. I’ve rewritten lot of things internally to let it manage more configurations, and i prefer not to put a lot of heavy checks for this, introducing a lot of if cases that will makes code unreadable just to make older sessions to load perfectly with newer versions… Anyway i promise things will stabilize with time.

Also, with versions >=0.3.1 i’ve modified a bit the colourscheme file. If you open jost and gets scrambled colours (or all is white and unreadable). just delete your scheme file and let jost recreate it when u launch it the next time:
rm ~/.jost/colourscheme.conf

Here are some key features of "jost":

load vst / ladspa / dssi plugins: effects, midi effects and synthesizers
audio routing to / from jack
routable plugins midi and audio I/O (like in your studio)
single track midi sequencer with recording
multiple independent midi input from alsa_seq
support for GUI plugins
session state load / save
colour scheme support

What's New in 0.4.1 Stable Release:

This release has a new mixer in testing.
A couple of bugs have been fixed.

What's New in 0.4.3 Development Release:

Aligned to the latest changes of JUCE (SVN trunk).
An “add” button has been added to bookmarks.
Now keyboard shortcuts (visible in menus) work as expected.
Reordering bookmarks has been improved.
A bug with MIDI plugins has been fixed (using sendVstEventsToHost was discarding events).
The behaviour of the popup menu over connectors has been improved.
The paint of the connectors pin has been improved.
Last updated on November 12th, 2010

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