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id3tool is a command line editor for ID3v1 format tags, commonly used on MP3 files.




id3tool is a command line utility for easy manipulation of the ID3 tags present in MPEG Layer 3 audio files.

id3tool is a fully GPL'd program. Warm-fuzzy's are 100% optional.

id3tool was written as a test program for a small id3 stub I'd written for the "Ultimate MP3 Player" which is still a concept, and no code

Having made a useful tool for setting ID3 tags [I hate GUI tag editors] I decided I might as well tidy it up and release it.

The ID3 tag stub was originally written under windows, using ANSI C, and copied over to linux where it worked perfectly first time.

id3.c can still be ripped out of id3tool to provide id3 tag manipulaiton functionality for other programs under the terms of the BSD License.

Originally, I wasn't going to have any Win32 support, but somebody submitted a patch - so I've incorporated it with some `corrections'.

ID3tool became available under the BSD license with 1.2.

What's New in This Release:

fixed broken getopt string (should close debian bug #280180)
fixed broken header reference (was annoying non-linux users)
Actually tested win32 build this time
fixed word wrapping in copyright notice.
Last updated on July 11th, 2005

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