grammydotru123 0.2rc4

grammydotru123 eases interaction with the MP3 portal

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Csaba Henk
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grammydotru123 eases interaction with the MP3 portal

It works in this way: you seek up the url of an artist or an album at, and then just invoke



python grammydotru123

and it fetches all songs belonging to the artist/album (a song of an album of an artist is considered to belong to the artist, of course).

Life is not always that easy, though. It might happen that a certain file is not accessible when you try it, or you get some rubbish instead of the file you asked for (eg., a html file reporting an error). There are some coomand line options for coping with this kind of complexity, check them out by "grammydotru123 -h". Eg., the program makes it possible to check the size of the downloaded files, and to test the files by passing them to an outer program and match the resulting output against a regexp (currently the "file" command is used, test your "file" command on an existing mp3 file before using grammydotru123, and change the pattern by the appropriate option if necessary -- otherwise all downladed files will be judged being corrupt!!!)

Here are some key features of "grammydotru123":

Recursively download songs belonging to an album or artist
Testing downloaded files
Retrying unsuccessfull attempts
Scheduling currently hopeless downloads to better times
Saving schedules to file and load them
If you run multiple instances of grammydotru123, number of simultaneously active ones can be limited (in order to aviod refusal by the server)

What's New in This Release:

Fixed a bug which caused that a download wasn't retried if it resulted in a corrupt file
Now those sometimes occuring "CLICK HERE!" redirecting pages are handled as well
Added one-letter equivalents to some long options
Removed a file from the package which was there only by accident

Last updated on August 4th, 2006

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