flacon 0.3.0

flacon is an easy to use little menu-driven console flac player.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.3/5 12
Igor Bogomazov
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
flacon is an easy to use little menu-driven console flac player.

Run FLACON binary with song list as arguments:

flacon [FLACFILES...]

The best way is to use a command line (inner), but for play any track use RETURN key in song list box it's more comfortable. The basic command you may use is "arguments" (use C-n or C-p when type a command). There is no "help" command as in old versions.

FLACON sees lists as number of song groups. There are three group levels: title, album and artist. When the next song is being searched, these groups are looked through in this order (see above). If one group ends (group bound is reached when forward or backward play order is set) the higher group changes. If title group has repeat mode turned on, then nither album nor artist group will change.

What does "Bounded by" field? It influences parametres of detecting where the group bound is reached. If title group will not be limited by album and e.g. random play order is choosen, then songs will be picked from the current artist group regardless to the album.
Groups have feature property. It means in random order or when one only
song is to be selected.
In random mode with feature set each song will be played once from this group and then depending on repeat mode the next group will be choosen or this will be shuffled again.
When play order is to play one song from group, with feature it will randomly pick song and the song at the group edge otherwise.

Last updated on March 6th, 2008


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