eTktab 3.2


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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jason Sonnenschein
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
eTktab is an ASCII tablature editor for 4/5/6 stringed instruments. he code is based on TkTab by Giovanni Chierico. Many of the ideas for the user interface came from tablature mode written for the Unix editor emacs.Mac and Windows binaries were created with freely available tk library.

The program makes 30 fretboard positions available for one-keypress entry (5 on each string.) The following is an example keyboard layout for United States keyboard (first row is numbers, second row QWERTY, etc.) "Base" refers to the movable position of the player's hand.

What's New in This Release:

Lyrics/tab mode now switches automatically, in response to mouse clicks in tab scores or 'textboxes'
Can now click on end of textbox symbol to go into that textbox
In lyrics mode, "current position" color now only added to the textbox that contains the cursor
Focus now follows cursor for left/right cursor key
Menubuttons now keep consistent size, where possible
Fixed bug in internationalization code, regarding 'Save' in File menu
Return key uses new feature, listed below to insert whitespace, rather than blank tab positions to end of line
Macintosh Classic and OS X now have File, Edit, and Help menus exclusively in the Mac Menubar (rather than the window statusbar)
Many OS X bugfixes, due to upstream cleanup in tcl/tk 8.4.5
Blank spaces may now be added to tablature (using whitespace in tab makes files unreadable by versions older than 3.2)

Last updated on July 19th, 2006

#ASCII tablature editor #stringed instruments #fretboard positions #tablature #ascii #editor #guitar

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