domo 2.4

Domo is a music organizer which indexes digital audio sources, extracts all information and inserts into a database.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Dirk Gorissen
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Domo is a music organizer which indexes digital audio sources, extracts all information and inserts into a database.

Domo is in the first place a music organizer. Domo indexes audio sources, extracts all possible information (mpeg headers, ID3 tags, MusicBrainz,...) and inserts everything into a relational database. In this database you can then query, export and compare with other sources (playlist, music cd, ...).

Here are some key features of "domo":

Song based comparison of 2 input sources (see compare page)
Convertion between different playlist formats
mp3, ogg meta data extraction & setting
Retrieval of meta information for unknown songs through TRM audio fingerprints
Retrieval of Audio CD meta information through the MusicBrainz service
Maintaining of a wishlist
Specify your own album format (eg: %genre/%artist - %title (%year))
Specify your own custom track format (eg: %artist - %trackno - %title)
Query tracks and albums on artist, title, filename, album title,...
Easy interface to the internet or other applications through a relational database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQLITE...)
Create a backup copy of the music database
Powerfull song filename/metatag cleanup
Generate statistics like "top 10 artists", "number of duplicate songs", etc
Group songs in the database into 'collections' (per user)
Platform independent
Assign a mood to tracks (eg: happy, sad, in love, ...)
Give tracks, albums, ... a score out of 10
Easy browsing of your collection per Genre or per CD

What's New in This Release:

replaced id3lib with taglib
added and integrated settings which allow choosing metainfo preference (filename or metatag) and which allow the user to specify a custom track format
writing of metatags is now supported
added right-click context menu to score tracks, set mood, delete CDs & rename
increased possible query fields
possible to query albums
consistency dialog much, much improved (supports genre, album, etc...)
finally fixed mysql database/account creation permission issues, newly created account
should be fairly restricted.
added a genre-centric browse list (in addition to the CD centric one)
updated statistics to reflect mood popularity and best scoring artists

Last updated on July 20th, 2006

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