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A thing to detect duplicate music





dedupe is a tool to find duplicate songs, and (optionally) delete them.


On Mac open, on Linux it's via your preferred terminal emulator. On Windows, sorry, it should work but you're on your own for installation since I don't have a windows box handy to create installers.

It's recommended to install via pip, as that will install mutagen for you, and without that nothing will work. So install pip and then do:

 pip install dedupe

or if you've already downloaded it:

 pip install ./dedupe/


This program is in an incredibly early state. It might kill your children or set fire to your house. It hasn't done that to me, but I'm kinda nice to it. You have been warned.

Once it's installed, pass it a list of one or more directories to scan for duplicate songs. Dedupe will scan the directories, trying to read metadata (artist, album, title, etc) from each song. Any songs that match artist, album, title exactly are considered duplicates.

It will print out a list of errors, then a list of songs that are duplicated, as well as the paths to all the duplicates. For example:

$ dedupe music new_music
"Could not handle 'path': 'reason'"
"Could not handle 'another/path': 'reason'"
Sample Artist - Sample Album - Sample Song:

It will also write a file with the path to the lowest-bitrate versions of the songs to a file called duplicates.m3u, so for the above duplicates.m3u would look something like:


You can edit duplicates.m3u (it's just a text file, you can open it with textedit or gedit or any other text editor) however you want, for example by removing paths to files that you want to keep, or anything else.

You should also be able to import it into an audio player to see what all the songs are, but I've never tried.

You can then run with the --kill-duplicates options, and it will delete everything in the duplicates.m3u file:

$ dedupe --kill-duplicates
This will DELETE everything in duplicates.m3u.
Type 'y' if you are sure you want to continue: y

If a directory is made completely empty by kill-duplicates command, it will be deleted, too.

Known Formats and Caveats


Since the algorithm works by comparing Artist/Album/Title, if there is no artist or album tag there is nothing much I can do. I do use the filename if there is no title tag, though.

I plan make it possible to compare using other fields, especially a Artist/Title option might be nice for people who want to get rid of duplicates caused by greatest hits collections and etc.

I have absolutely no intention of ever allowing dupe-finding by file-content matching. There is no fast way to do it, and identical songs encoded at different qualities or at the same quality by different programs or versions of the same program would not match. Since it would take hours per run, would be a bunch of extra work for me, and it would not work I'm not doing it.

Known Formats

Basically everything supported by mutagen, this includes: ogg, mp3, flac, APE, and many, many more.
Last updated on May 14th, 2012

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